How to decide which sport to choose

Keen to try out a new sport but not sure which one to choose? In this week’s article we take a look at some factors worth considering.

Local Facilities: It’s a lot trickier to train a sport on a regular basis if the local area in which you live doesn’t have the facilities to allow you to train. Do a Google Search of your local area and see what good sport facilities are easily commutable. If you’re easily able to commute to where you need to go to train, then you are much more likely to stay consistent towards your training. Choosing a sport that the facilities in your local area can help support your progress with is something worth considering.

Social: Whether you are competing in a team or alone is another factor worth pondering when trying to decide which sport is for you. Joining a sport club can be a great way to socialise and meet new people.

Cost: Have a look into how expensive it would be to get started with a new sport you’re considering competing in. Consider hiring or borrowing equipment for the first few times you try a new sport in order to check it’s definitely for you before you spend any significant amount of money.

Enjoyment: It’s much easier to stay consistent with a sport if you have fun and enjoy your training. Try out a variety of sports and see which you have the most fun with and feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when you make progress.

We hope that this week’s article has given you some helpful insight when it comes to deciding which sport you want to try out next. If you have time please feel free to check out our various interviews with inspiring athletes through our other blog posts.

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