Jamie Greene – Cross-Fit Athlete


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Today it’s our privilege to bring you an interview with renowned Cross-Fit Athlete Jamie Greene.

We discuss Jamie’s journey of turning her passion for fitness into a successful career, the experiences that have helped shape her exceptional mentality and her advice on how to step forward with our fitness goals when we’re feeling de-motivated….


What types of movement do you specialize in?

Cross-Fit is just about everything, so I don’t specialize in one thing.  My training consists of, cardio- running, biking swimming, row and ski ergs, weightlifting, gymnastics and carrying things. Anything can come up in a competition so you must be able to do it all.

How did your passion for these disciplines begin and develop?

I’ve always played a lot of sports and been very competitive, Cross-Fit is a great way to push yourself daily and there is always something to get better at. I think this ongoing challenge is what got me passionate about the sport. 

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How have you transformed your passion for health and fitness into a successful business/career?

There is a high demand for fitness and health instructors in the Middle-East so this has helped me grow as a coach for exercise and nutrition, there is little knowledge here in these subjects, so it has allowed me to share what I know. Also being able to compete world-wide broadens your client base, meeting new people with different sporting opportunities allows me to make this Cross-Fit career more professional, I get the opportunity to coach or give seminars around the world. It is a growing sport.

What advice would you give to someone who is demotivated or doesn’t know where to start with getting into sport and fitness?

Find something you enjoy doing!! And find a routine. 

If you enjoy doing it, you’re much more likely to keep doing it and if you’re in a routine even when motivation is at a lapse you will continue to do it as that’s what you always do. 

I have many days I don’t feel like training but it’s what I do every day so it feels unusual not to do it even when I can’t be bothered. Motivation will always come and go. 

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Are there any people, books, or experiences that you would be willing to share with us, that have really helped shape your mentality?

My family has always had a big influence on how I live my life, train and compete. I want to make them proud. So, most the time it’s just gets on with it, whether it’s work, training, competing whatever just keep grafting. 

Also I’ve had a few major injuries which have set me back a few months or years and this always brings everything into perspective, teaches you to not take your health for granted and that you are actually lucky you can exercise or workout or go to the park or do your daily chores, as so many people can’t. 

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What are the priorities that you have towards the way you approach your life?

Enjoy everything along the way, don’t always look forward to something. Most of the time it’s the lead up to anything that is the best bit so make the most of it. Also do what makes you happy not everyone else, if you want to do nothing do nothing don’t always be a people pleaser. And something I have learnt a lot over here. The UAE compassion, everyone is living their own battles try see things in different perspectives, I’m working on this. 

What do you think are the most important characteristics to develop in order to pursue your ambitions?

For my coaching and teaching ambitions definitely compassion. For my athletic ambitions, grit the ability to carry on when things go bad or get tough. 

What are you goals and plans for the future?

To keep influencing others to take their health into control and make the most of their life. I hope to keep building my way up through the health and fitness industry to meet like-minded people.  

In the near future I plan to live in the UK for a few months to focus on my training for Cross-Fit then I will come back to Abu Dhabi to continue coaching and training here. 

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 Instagram: @jgreenewod

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