Hellah Sidibe – Footballer – Runner


Today, I am fortunate enough to bring you an interview with footballer Hellah Sidibe, who has run on average 6 miles a day, everyday, for the last year!

His physique and attitude are testament to the positive effects of consistency. By compounding his good health habits daily he has been able to create the exceptional physique we can now all see.

I wouldn’t be surprised in a few years if you looked up the word ‘consistency’ in a dictionary, a picture of Hellah would be there as well 😉

This interview will help shed light on Hellah’s exceptional mindset and give reference to the resources that have helped shape his exceptional attitude towards training…

What has sparked your huge passion for health, fitness, and food? Have you always been so motivated towards exercise, or was this something that developed with time?

Hellah: I always wanted to be as physically fit as possible since age 13/14. I never thought about it until I came to America at that age. Throughout my life I’ve met people or experienced things that have made that goal easier and easier to achieve. It has taken a lot of time and I’ve learned a lot in my never-ending journey and I’m sure I’ll continue learning a lot. One thing I always say is you’ll never regret a workout that you do. The health side of things came later in life, after college. My girl being a nutritionist probably had something to do with that too, because I would learn little things about food that I never cared to pay attention to before.

Do you have a weekly exercise routine? If so, what does it consist of?

Hellah: I’ve been running every day for almost a year with probably a total 6 mile/day average and do ab exercises almost every day. Anything else I do is just extra or because I’m in the mood but not so much of a routine.

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Why do you run every single day?

Hellah: I was initially inspired by a car enthusiast/youtuber Paul Wallace to run 10 min every day. I also always loved my in-season body so wanted it year round.

Seriously, how do you develop Abs to the incredible standard that you have?

Hellah: Years and years of ab workouts. That’s all I can say haha

As a Vegan athlete, obviously like everyone you eat slightly differently day to day, but could you give us an idea of what a typical day of eating looks like for you?

Hellah: My everyday diet is literally a different combination of 7 things: rice, oats, plant milks, agave, fruits, vegetables, and potatoes

Tell us about your football career? 

Hellah: I started playing as young as 5 or 6 in the streets of Mali for fun. When I came to the US I played in high school and it opened the door to a Division 1 full ride to UMass Amherst. From there, I had a few professional experiences and am currently embracing where it’s going to take me next.

What are the priorities that you have towards the way you approach your life?

Hellah: I follow ‘The Four Agreements’ in everything I do… I try to be impeccable with my word, not take things personally, always do my best, and never make assumptions.


Are there any books, people, or experiences that you would be willing to share with us, that have shaped your mentality and can also help others? 

Hellah: Everyone needs to read ‘The Four Agreements’. I also love ‘The Secret’ (book and documentary). They both inspire me to live life to the fullest and be open to whatever comes my way, good or bad. You can turn any situation into something positive with your perspective.

What advice would you give to someone who is demotivated or doesn’t know where to start with getting into sport and fitness?

Hellah: I have a video on 5 ways I stay motivated. The thing is, you’ll never succeed in anything you don’t want to succeed in, just like you will succeed in anything you DO want to succeed in. When you want something bad enough, the excuses will fall aside and you’ll do it. I just tell people… figure out what it is that you really want and do what you need to do to get it! No matter what.

How have you taken your passion for fitness and sports and turned it into a career/ business?

Hellah: Playing soccer has brought me everything I have in life… where I am mentally, physically, and anything tangible that I own.

What are your goals and ambitions for the future?

Hellah: Be happy, healthy, and help others succeed on their journeys in any way I can.


Instagram: @hellahgood9
YouTube: HellahGood

Hellah’s story and approach to life is testament to the amazing results possible when we show consistency towards our goals like health and fitness. He has made exercise a part of his lifestyle and consequently reaps the positive physical and mental benefits from it.

The simplicity with which he approaches his daily life and the way he focusses on internal goals such as happiness and health, are other things that really stand out for me about his character.

Despite the fast-paced nature of modern life, Hellah shows how focussing on the most simple and important things in life such as health, has not only hugely benefitted his own life, but also given him a platform and the desire to inspire countless others through his social media.

A huge thanks to Hellah for doing this interview! Look out for our next inspiring interview coming very soon!

Until then all the best…

Hellah’s 365 Day Running Video:






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