The Health and Entrepreneur Mindset

Hey everyone,

Appreciate you taking the time to read my first blog post!

I’ve created ‘The Health and Entrepreneur Mindset’ to interview people who have taken their passion for health and fitness and turned their hobbies into successful business ventures.

By reading this blog you should gain a unique insight into the mentality of top athletes in a variety of disciplines.

This will give you practical takeaway points on how we can improve our own health, mentality, training, finances etc… and apply these principles to our own lives!

If your interests include health, fitness, travel, business and entrepreneurship this blog is for you!

Coming soon include the stories of, Guinness World Record Holders, a boy who grew up loving Jackie Chan films to 20 years later working with Jackie as a stunt-performer on set, the training methods and mentality of one of the best Calisthenics athletes in the UK right now, and much, much more…

So make sure you stay tuned to our posts! Thanks again for giving this a read.  🙂

All the best,






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